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Axon Plus is a private medical practice specialising in the correction of speech and psychomotor development delays in children by applying neurostimulation in combination with the principles of nutritional therapy, the holistic and person-centred core component of functional medicine. This approach involves the most effective combination of harmless and non-pharmacological means of dealing with development delays, commonly observed in the following disorders: • Delayed speech development • Delayed psychological development • Developmental delay with autistic symptoms (PDD NOS) • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) • Learning disabilities (dysgraphia, dyslexia) • Delayed gross and/or fine motor skills development • Motor and sensory alalia • Retardation of higher mental functions Axon Plus at the Clonee Clinic / Ivan Lukacik DipNST mNTOI, MBS /

The Clonee Clinic, 5 The Mall
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